In the vibrant heart of Lebanon, MO, a new chapter in the culinary story began to unfold at the iconic corner of Madison and Commercial street. It was here that Robert and Melissa “Mel” Walker, the renowned owners of Mel’s BBQ, embarked on a fresh journey, bringing to life the dream that is “Mel’s on Madison.

This venture was more than just the birth of a new dining hotspot; it was the fusion of the cherished traditions of the Madison Street Grill with the contemporary flair of a modern “bar and grill in Lebanon, MO.” Our pledge was to retain the beloved steak and seafood offerings while introducing the signature barbecue recipes that had been a hallmark at Mel’s BBQ.

November 2nd marked the grand opening, a day filled with anticipation and a strong sense of commitment to the Lebanon community. It was a day where dreams met reality, giving birth to a place that embodies the spirit of community and culinary excellence.

Today, Mel’s on Madison stands as a testament to that dream, offering a unique bar and grill experience in Lebanon, MO, where tradition meets modernity, and every dish served is a celebration of our rich history and a nod to our vibrant community. Welcome to Mel’s on Madison, the new heartbeat of bar and grill in Lebanon, MO.

Discover the Culinary Delights at Mel’s on Madison: The Premier Bar and Grill in Lebanon

Welcome to Mel’s on Madison, the epitome of fine dining and the go-to bar and grill in Lebanon, MO. Our menu, crafted with love and a rich culinary legacy, offers a gastronomic journey that promises to tantalize your taste buds with an array of dishes that cater to every preference.

Start Your Culinary Journey with Our Appetizers

Kickstart your dining experience with our appetizers, a delightful array of choices ranging from the iconic Mel’s Mac, a bowl of creamy, cheesy noodles topped with smoky pulled pork, to the crispy and golden deep-fried garlic cheese curds. Not to forget our BBQ pork nachos, a crowd favorite, promising a burst of flavors with every bite.

Satisfy Your Taco Cravings

Our bar and grill in Lebanon, MO, brings you a taco selection that is both diverse and delightful. Whether you prefer the BBQ tacos stuffed with your choice of tri-tip or pork or the smoked salmon tacos with a hint of Asian flair, we have something for every taco lover.

Indulge in Our Signature Smoked Wings

Experience the joy of biting into our slow-smoked wings, flash-fried to perfection and served with your choice of dressing or sauce. It’s a must-try for wing enthusiasts visiting our bar and grill in Lebanon.

Sandwiches and Wraps: A Bite of Heaven

From the Tri Tip Dip to the Caribbean Pork Sandwich, our sandwiches and wraps section offers a rich selection of flavors, each promising a heavenly bite. Don’t miss out on our unique wraps, including the Rib Chili Cheese Fries Burrito, a true delight for burrito lovers.

Steaks, Seafood, and BBQ: The Heart of Our Menu

As a premier bar and grill in Lebanon, we take pride in our entrées, each served with a house salad and your choice of side. Whether it’s the well-marbled cut of ribeye or the smoked and seared prime Tri Tip, our menu promises an unforgettable dining experience.

Burgers: The Soul of Mel’s on Madison

Our burger selection is a true representation of the American spirit, with choices ranging from the classic Mel’s Burger to the unique Rob’s Pitmaster, a burger that promises a delightful culinary adventure with every bite.

Salads and Soups: A Fresh Perspective

For those seeking a lighter fare, our salads and soups section offers fresh and vibrant choices, including the smoked salmon salad and the traditional Caesar salad, each promising a refreshing dining experience.

Pasta: Comfort in a Bowl

Dive into the world of comfort with our pasta selections, including the Rib Chili Mac, a dish that promises warmth and joy with every bite.

Kids Menu: Delight for the Little Ones

At our bar and grill in Lebanon, we ensure that our little patrons have a delightful dining experience with a menu crafted just for them, including the much-loved Kids Mel’s Mac.

Desserts: A Sweet End to Your Culinary Journey

End your dining experience on a sweet note with our homemade desserts, a perfect conclusion to your culinary journey at Mel’s on Madison.

Join us at Mel’s on Madison, the heart of bar and grill in Lebanon, MO, for a dining experience that promises joy, delight, and a celebration of rich culinary traditions. Welcome to the home of gastronomic wonders, welcome to the best bar and grill in Lebanon.